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Some shapes are multiple used for different types of chocolate with different flavors.
M= Milk Chocolate, D=Dark Chocolate, W=White Chocolate.


Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate White Chocolate
Crunchy Hazelnut milk Vanilla Butter dark Sunrise-Pecan in Red Wine with Orange
Pineapple Butter crème milk Tony-dark Pineapple with Chili and crystallized Rum Rum white
Almond Praline milk Sunrise-Pecan in Red Wine with Orange dark plain white
      St Maarten Map Champagne truffle milk  St Maarten Map Champagne truffle dark  St Maarten Map Champagne truffle white

St Maarten Guavaberry milk

St Maarten Guavaberry dark  3 Layer Caramel Heaven milk

Sunrise-Pecan in Red Wine with Orange milk Raisin-Almond-Nut
Silky fudgy Caramel white

Silky fuggy Caramel milk Silky fudgy Caramel dark Amaretto white

Rum milk Rum dark My Boyfriend and Me white
Raspberry milk Raspberry dark Praline white
Pure milk Pure Dark Ganache Macadamia white
Praline milk Praline dark Intrigue-Passion fruit and Cognac white
Plain milk Plain dark Coconut white
Pina Colada milk Fresh Green Lime dark Charlito-Mochatruffle with Bean and Cream
Orange milk Pina Colada dark La Passion-Caramel truffle with Cognac and Grand Marnier
Nut milk Orange dark  
Plain Truffle milk Peanut butter dark  
Aftershock milk Mint dark  
La Passion-Caramel truffle with Cognac and Grand Marnier milk La Passion-Caramel truffle with Cognac and Grand Marnier dark  
Sweet Big Beetle Bug milk Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans-Grain de Cafe - 30 pc Set dark  
Intrigue-Passionfruit and Cognac milk Intrigue-Passionfruit and Cognac dark  
Jumbo heart Valentine Champagne milk Hazelnut and Nut dark  
Crispy Nutty Caramel Coconut dark  
Burning Desire-Red crushed Pepper milk Manneken-9 pc Set dark  
Baileys milk Jumbo heart plain dark  
 Frog Set milk mix Lollypop milk or dark  
Coffee milk Coffee dark  
Cognac Ganache milk Cognac Ganache dark  
Butter crème milk Butter crème dark  
Amaretto milk Amaretto dark  
Chewy Butter caramel milk Crispy Tea Wafer single  
  Almond Praline dark  
  Grand Marnier dark  
  Chewy Butter caramel dark  
  Cherry liquor dark or Cherry in Vanilla crème milk  
  Champagne bottle milk or dark  
  Banana dark  

Furthermore we offer:

- fresh sliced and dipped Orange or Lime Peel
- dipped Ginger
- bicolor dipped fresh strawberries
- Marshmallow Chocolate
- a variety in plain and nutty chocolate bars
- seasonal products such as Gingerbread Chocolate,
Lavender/Blueberry Chocolate, Easter Chocolates and Valentine Arrangements.
We also personalize your chocolate with your name or greeting.


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