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For 9 years now, we make Belgian Chocolates and are considered the oldest original Belgian Chocolate Factory in the Caribbean. We have no subsidiaries or branches on other islands.

Our 75 different chocolate flavors are made with love daily fresh by factory owner Beatrix in our Philipsburg Atelier in Old Street. From here we sell direct or distribute them to our sales outlet in Simpson Bay next to Village Portofino (opposite Windward Island Bank and Druggist) or to first Class Hotels, Casinos, Villas and Yachts on this island.

To meet your taste we offer customized flavors, travel packaging and delivery service.
Our boxes are insulated.

If you are visiting St. Maarten on one of the cruise ships
you can use our free ship delivery service.
You must place your order either directly in our shop till 03:00 pm or you can use our pre-order facilities via internet, phone
or fax directly from home or cruise ship.

Once you taste our chocolate, you will appreciate our quality. Finest Belgian Chocolate (Callebaut),
Pure Cream and Butter, natural Vanilla from Tahiti and other high end ingredients make our Chocolates unique.
We surprise you with traditional flavors and new combinations. Some of our chocolates take 5-6 different steps for finishing.

Handmade on pure Marble, we accept customized orders.
In dark cocoa powder: Classic plain, Grand Marnier, Guavaberry, Cognac In chocolate: Caramel, Whisky-Praline, Honey-Almond, Amaretto, Champagne, Vanilla, Chocolate.

Grain de Café (Blue Mountain dipped coffee beans)
Crispy Tea Wafers (Earl Grey), dark Chocolate
Caramel Au Couteau in 70% dark Chocolate
Truffles, Bonbons, plain chocolate for Diabetics

We work in white, dark (70% and 54%) and light (milk)chocolate. 3Layer Caramel Heaven with Nut-Almond-Peanut Butter-Silky Caramel-Raspberry-Pistachio Marzipan-Buttercreme-Amaretto-Rum-Café-Mocca with Bean and Coffee-Macadamia-Pecan in Red Wine with Orange– Pineapple, Chili and crystallized Rum– Cherry– Crispy Caramel-Crunchy Hazelnut-Champagne-Absinth rouge-Praline-Cognac-Grand Marnier-Crushed Pepper-Coconut-Passion fruit and Cognac-Minth-Guavaberry-Pina Colada-Nuts-Baileys-Chewy Caramel-Orange-Pineapple-Pure Milk-Pure Dark-Vanilla-Banana etc.

Enjoy the difference!


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