The dark, sensual aroma of chocolate assails the sense the moment a person enters The Belgian Chocolate Box.
First comes the  rich aroma and then the eye is drawn to the gleaming display of chocolates.
Burning display with chilli in milk chocolate, Aftershock cinnamon, marzipan, cherries on a bed of vanilla, Absinthe, Grand Marnier, mint, orange crème, orange peel dipped in chocolate, crystallized ginger, butter crème, praline, almond, pistachio, and so the provocative list goes on. This season the latest addition are, the ever-popular
melt-in-the-mouth macaroons and the amazing Explosion Chocolate of the Year with almond paste, apricot and honey nut crunch.

Chocolatier Beatrix Detroy makes all the chocolates by hand and the passion for her art can be tasted in her creation. Treat yourself with something special from The Belgian Chocolate Box and come back next holiday to see what new flavors are in the store.




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